Love Child No. 7

Boulevard Brewing

$ 19.99

The 7th bottling in our Love Child series of blended sour ales returns to the Flanders-style base beer that has composed most Boulevard's releases. The very first release of a Love Child blend was 100% soured Bourbon Barrel Quad, but each subsequent batch has included an increasing amount of Flanders-style red. For that reason, the strength has been steadily declining from the 12.5 ABV of Love Child No. 1 to more recent releases in the 8-9.5% range.

Pouring a slightly hazy, reddish amber hue, Love Child No. 7 opens with aromas of red fruit with a slight acidity detected. Lactobacillus provides a crisp, refreshing acidity with fruit, oak and subtle spice notes presenting in the flavor of the beer. Ending fermentation quite dry at 1.75 Plato, Love Child No. 7 tapers to a subtle oaky finish that begs for another sip. At 8.2 ABV and 9 IBUs, our latest Love Child blend is a perfect match for aged/funky cheese, desserts with fruit and tangy/citrusy salads.

ABV: 8.2%

Format: 750ml

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