Wax Destroying YOpener with Magnet

The Beer Cellar

$ 24.00

These custom bottle openers are designed to cut right through that pesky wax on whatever whale you are consuming. The bottle opener is also designed to prevent caps from bending so you can save them for your next craft day!

Providing the freshest selection of craft beer to the western suburbs of Chicago and beyond!

A little more information about YOpener:

I have a son with autism and he loves to be out in the garage "helping" when I'm woodworking. Due to vision and dexterity issues, he can't be trusted with the power tools. This is a project we can do together with him helping press the carriage bolt into the opener. They're a lot of fun to make and we can make a bunch at once and figured we would sell them so we could buy the materials to make the next batch. We charge almost exactly what it costs to make them and ship them.
As for the version with the wax-cutter, they're pretty labor-intensive so we don't make nearly as many of those. Of course, they're the ones people go crazy for.

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